JoS African VioletTrailer List

Winner of the Best Plant in Show (Commercial Division)
AVSA National Convention (Houston April, 1999)
Best Commercial Plant at Dixie AVS March 2007
Best Trailer Lone Star African Violet Council (2015)
Best Species Lone Star African Violet Council (2015)

Jo Schrimsher •
2205 College Drive • Victoria, TX 77901-4474
phone: (361) 575-1344 • email:

Amadie Trail (M. Clive) Semidouble lavender/purple eye. Medium green, quilted. Miniature trailer (TX Hyb)

Baby Brian (4582) 10/11/1981 (P. Tracey) Single pale blue star. Plain. Semiminiature trailer (CA)
Biscayne Trail
(S.Williams)Single to semidouble lavender blue.  Champion variegated foliage. Semiminiature
Dresden Doll
(7259) 11/24/1989 (P. Harris) Double pale pink. Medium green, heart-shaped, pointed. Standard trailer
Ellie Gardner (7261) 11/24/1989 (P. Harris) Double bright pink two-tone wavy. Variegated, plain. Standard (Western)
Fancy Trail
(3674) 07/28/1979 (L. Lyon) Double pink. Variegated. Standard trailer
Foster Trial
(8750)(Pittman) Semidouble fuchsia. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature
Happy Trails
(7575) 11/07/1991 (L. Lyon) Double dark rose-pink star. Medium green, pointed. Semiminiature
Honeysuckle Rose
(Munk)(6522)Double lavender rose, variegated green and white. Standard
Jersey Girl Trail (10374) 11/22/2010 (R. Kurzynski) Single-semidouble fuchsia pansy. Medium green girl foliage. Miniature
Melody Trail (L. Lyon) Double pink. Plain. Semiminiature trailer
Peppermint Trail
(7472)(B. Elkin) Single bright pink pansy/darker eye. Medium green, plain, pointed. Semi
Pixie Blue (2598) 09/16/1974 (L. Lyon) Single purple-blue/darker center. Plain, ovate. Miniature trailer
Pixie Pink (2599) 09/16/1974 (L. Lyon) Single light pink/rose eye. Plain, ovate. Miniature trailer
Ramblin' Lassie(9022)(S. Sanders/R. Brenton) Semidouble blue-lavender star. Variegated medium green and white girl foliage. Semiminiature
Ramblin' Midget
(6188)(E. Champion) Single lavender fantasy. Crown variegated dark green and pink, plain. Semi
Ramblin' Spots (7220) 10/21/1989 (S. Sorano) Semidouble-double pink/blue fantasy. Crown variegated medium green, plain. Standard
Rob’s Boolaroo
(8053) Semidouble light pink sticktite pansy/bright blue fantasy. Medium green, quilted. Semi
Rob's Humpty Doo (8456) 05/23/1996 Semidouble white sticktite pansy/wide bright blue edge. Medium green, pointed, glossy. Semi
Rob's Toorooka (8069) Double dark rose-red sticktite/variable white marking. Medium-dark green, plain, serrated. Semiminiature
Senk's Snowy Egret Sport(9868) 01/30/2008 (R. Follett/D. Senk) Single orchid ruffled pansy. Variegated medium green and white,               longifolia. Standard
Skagit Victory Trails (5659) 01/30/1984 (W. Lindstrom) Single medium blue two-tone fantasy. Variegated girl foliage. Semimini (Western)
(7995)(Sorano)Double red pansy. Crown variegated medium green and yellow, plain, ovate. Standard
Sunrise Waltz (7995) 10/08/1993 (S. Sorano) Double red pansy. Crown variegated medium green and yellow, plain, ovate. Standard
Sweet Sam (8845) 12/08/1999 (P. Harris) Double pink/variable pink and or white mottled edging on top petals. Medium green, pointed, heart-shaped, serrated. Semiminiature (Western)
Tiny Pink Bells (L. Lyon) Pink bell. Tiny. Miniature
Trail Along (L. Lyon) Double bright pink. Plain. Miniature

Other Available Plants $5.

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Species Sigi Falls                                      Petrocoamea docioxii                    Petrocosmea meglingenesis        Petrocosmea Chidori

Species 5b clone grotii Silvert                    Petrocosmea cryptica                    Petrocosmea Keystone Blue Jay                                         

Species Ionantha grandifolia #237

Species magunesis                                    

Species 5h clone ripicolus   

Epicias--Cherries N' Cream, Silver Skies, Blue Water, Jim's Canadian Sunset, Fanny Hague, Sunomi

Primulina-$6.-Crossroads, Moonlight, Kazu, Maxtimer, Naire Argenta, Nimbus, tobaccum, guilininersis, Patina, Diane Marie, Nimbus