Winner of the Best Plant in Show (Commercial Division)
AVSA National Convention (Houston April, 1999)
Best Commercial Plant at Dixie AVS March 2007
Best Trailer Lone Star African Violet Council 2015
Best Species Lone Star African Violet Council 2015

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2205 College Drive • Victoria, TX 77901-4474
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JoS African Violet Standard List

Ace of Spades (10858) 09/27/2016 Single-semidouble white lightly frilled pansy/blue eye. Medium-dark green, quilted, serrated. Standard
Alamo Amigo (H. Pittman) Double red. Dark green, plain. (TX Hyb)
Alamo Sunshine (8395) 03/08/1996 (H. Pittman) Double white/yellow. Variegated medium green and white, plain. (DAVS 1440, TX Hyb)
Anastasia (7936) 10/08/1993 (S. Sorano) Semidouble pale blue two-tone pansy. Medium green, plain. Large
Ann (6649) 06/01/1987 (B. Bryant) Double rose-pink frilled/two-tone center, edge. Variegated dark green, white, some pink, longifolia, quilted,   cupped, glossy, ruffled. Large (TX Hyb)
Annabelle (8636) 07/18/1997 (K. Stork) Double pink two-tone star. Black-green/red back. Large
Apache Brave (9220) 06/26/2003 Semidouble dark blue-purple frilled large. Variegated dark green and pink. (DAVS 1381, TX Hyb)
Apache Feathers (6131)Single light lavender sticktite/darker edge. Variegated green, white and pink, pointed. (DAVS 1233, TX Hyb)
Apache Jewel (7416)Semidouble lavender two-tone frilled pansy/dark eye, top petal edges. Varie dark green, ruffled.(DAVS 1301, TX Hyb)
Apache Primrose (9229) Double pink frilled/raspberry top petals. Variegated green, white and pink. (DAVS 1551, TX Hyb)
Apache Rose (9230) 06/26/2003 (L. Munk/J. Munk) Single-semidouble pink pansy/green-edged outer petals. Variegated medium green, white and pink, wavy. (DAVS 1552, TX Hyb)
Beryllium Frost
Bertha (6159) 02/08/1986 (B. Foster) Semidouble orchid/darker tips. Plain, quilted/shaded red back. Large (DAVS 1261, TX Hyb)
Blue Tail Fly (Dates) Medium blue wasp. Bustle-back.
Buckeye Befuddled (9054) 06/25/2001 (P. Hancock) Semidouble-double light lavender-pink large ruffled pansy/dark purple and raspberry
            fantasy, variable raspberry edge. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, plain/red back. Large
Buckeye Blushing (9215) 05/06/2003 (P. Hancock) Semidouble-double lavender ruffled pansy/darker lavender to purple fantasy, variable
            fantasy edge. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, plain, quilted, serrated. Large (DAVS 1610)
Buckeye Choral Bells Semidouble-double mauve and pink frilled. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, serrated. Large
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler (8745) 07/27/1998 (P. Hancock) Semidouble bright pink ruffled pansy/variable raspberry fantasy; raspberry
            edge. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, plain, glossy/red back. Large (DAVS 1621)
Buckeye Delightful (10473) Semidouble peach-pink large star. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, plain. Large (DAVS 1622)
Buckeye Enough Pizzazz (10758) 04/15/2015 (P. Hancock) Semidouble-double lavender two-tone pansy/purple top petals, variable thin purple edge. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, glossy/red back. Large
Buckeye Galactic Showers (10477) 01/05/2012 Semidouble raspberry and lavender ruffled star/raspberry-purple fantasy, edge. Variegated
            dark green, pink and cream. Large (DAVS 1746)
Buckeye Inspiration Pink (10711) Semidouble pink ruffled large star/darker rays. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, heart-shaped, glossy/red back. Large
Buckeye Love's Caress (9338)Single-semidouble lavender frilled pansy/dark purple fantasy, edge. Variegated dark green, cream and pink,
            pointed, glossy, serrated/red back. Large (DAVS 1627)
Buckeye My Oh My (10931) 09/08/2017 Semidouble-double white ruffled star/dark pink radiating eye. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, ovate, glossy/red back. Large
Buckeye Narcissistic (10481)Double medium blue pansy/pink-white fantasy, thin white edge. Variegated medium green, cream and pink. Large (DAVS 1750)
Buckeye New Dawn Semidouble bell white ruffled edge. Variegated green and white.
Buckeye Nostalgia (10484) 01/05/2012 Semidouble pale blue ruffled pansy. Variegated medium green and cream. Standard (DAVS 1753)
Buckeye Party Streamers (10649) Semidouble-double purple ruffled pansy/pink fantasy, thin white edge. Variegated medium green and cream, plain. Large
Buckeye Patent Pending (10650) 02/28/2014 (P. Hancock) Semidouble-double medium blue frilled pansy/pink fantasy, variable white-green edge. Variegated medium green and cream, plain, glossy. Large
Buckeye Seductress (9669) 07/13/2006 (P. Hancock) Double dark lavender star/wide white band, green edge. Variegated medium green and cream, plain. Large (DAVS 1632)
Cabbage Patch (E. Champion) Double light pink ruffled. Crown variegated dark green and ivory, plain. Standard
Cajun's Dixie Pride
10577) 01/11/2013 (B. Thibodeaux) Double pink frilled star/variable thin raspberry edge. Variegated dark green, cream
            and pink, plain, heart-shaped, serrated/red back.
Cajun's Fascinating Fury (10580) 01/11/2013 (B. Thibodeaux) Semidouble-double blue frilled star/pink and white fantasy. Variegated         medium green, cream and pink, plain, heart-shaped, serrated/red back.(DAVS 1772)
Cajun's Queen's Lace (10491) 01/17/2012 (B. Thibodeaux) Semidouble white frilled pansy/lavender-purple mottling, green-edged upper petals. Medium green, ovate, quilted, wavy. (DAVS 1759)
Cajun's Roses Anyone (10645) Double pink two-tone star. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, heart-shaped.
Cajun's Royal Jewels (10494) 01/17/2012 Single-semidouble white star/purple eye and veins, green frilled edge. Medium green, ovate, quilted, wavy.(DAVS 1762)
Calvin's Frog Pond (Wendy DeLorme Knapp) semidouble lavender purple star with green ruffled edge. Dark, quilted ovate.
Cool Mint (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Double white ruffled pansy/green edge. Variegated medium green and ivory, quilted.
Cristabel (7517) 04/01/1991 (Eyerdom) Double red-orchid/thin white edge. Medium green, plain, quilted, glossy. Small standard
EK-Ekzotika (10178) 01/02/2010 (E. Korshunova) Double pale pink bell/wide purple-red band, light green edge. Medium green, plain. (Russ/Ukr)
EK-Viktoria (11008)(E. Korshunova) Single-semidouble red large wavy star/variable white edge. Medium green, plain. Standard (Russ/Ukr)
Elizabethan Ruffle (9068) 08/08/2001 (N. Platnick) Single lavender two-tone ruffled pansy. Dark green, longifolia, ruffled/red back.
Enchanted Pink (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Double light pink star/blue fantasy, light raspberry band, thin white edge. Dark green, serrated.
Fisherman's Paradise (4843) 06/04/1982 (B. Sisk) Double dark lavender/purple edge. Variegated, pointed, frilled. Large (DAVS 548)
Fisher's Leone (4540) 09/08/1981 (E. Fisher) Single-semidouble dark plum/pink fantasy. Plain, quilted. Large (CA 261, 1981)
Girls Night Out (10893) 05/13/2017 (P. Sorano/LLG) Double red star/white edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated/red back.
Granger's Heart's Desire (3407) 05/01/1978 (Eyerdom) Double blue and white frilled. Quilted, ruffled. Large
Hawaiian Cloud (10750) 03/15/2015 (P. Sorano/Lyndon LG) Double white, lavender, and purple frilled star. Medium green, quilted. Large
Heinz's Sentimental (H. Dornbusch) Semidouble-double red pansy. Variegated medium-dark green, cream and pink, heart-shaped, scalloped.(ANZ 551, 2006)
Honey Bee (10827) 04/27/2016 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Double yellow-white frilled star. Medium green, quilted.
(9556) 01/17/2006 (N. Puminova) Single-semidouble white ruffled star. Light green, ovate, quilted. (Russ/Ukr)
Jack of Clubs (10859) 09/27/2016 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble white pansy/fuchsia-purple eye. Medium green, pointed. Large
Jade Tiara (9930)(LLG/P.S) Semidouble pink frilled pansy/green-edged top petals. Dark green, quilted, glossy, wavy, serrated/red back. Large
Jersey Snow Flakes(9820)(R. Kurzynski)Single-semidouble white pansy/white sparkle overlay. Variegated med green & white, plain, quilted.
Joker (10861) 09/27/2016 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble plum-purple pansy. Medium-dark green, quilted, glossy.
K's Berry Bianco (10910)Single-semidouble purple and white frilled large pansy/blue overlay. Medium green, quilted, serrated.
K's Lilac Infusion (10794) 09/08/2015 (K. Hajner) Single-semidouble white frilled large pansy/pale lavender and light blue fantasy streaks. Variegated medium green and white, ovate, quilted, serrated. (Western)
K's Moscato Berry Splash (10912)2017Single-semidouble fuchsia frilled large pansy/blue fantasy, lighter edge. Med green, quilted, serrated.
K's Purple Hog(10850)Semidouble-double pink frilled pansy/purple & dark pink fantasy.Dark green, quilted, wavy, serrated/red back.(Western)
K's Sage Wand (10797) 09/08/2015 (K. Hajner) Single-semidouble medium blue two-tone ruffled pansy/variable green on upper petals.
            Variegated medium green, white and pink, heart-shaped, quilted, wavy, serrated.(Western)
K's Sangria Splash (10912) 07/08/2017 (K. Hajner) Single-semidouble fuchsia frilled large pansy/blue fantasy, lighter edge. Medium green, quilted, serrated.
K's Slingshot (10851) Single dark coral sticktite pansy/purple fantasy. Dark green, quilted, slightly wavy, serrated. (Western)
K's Want Some Wine (11110) 07/24/2018 Single-semidouble burgundy-wine large frilled star. Dark green, quilted, wavy, serrated.
Kansas City Barbecue (10862) 09/27/2016 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble coral-red pansy. Medium-dark green, quilted, glossy.
Kei-Yoki (7810) Semidouble-double white and blue frilled star/variable green edge. Medium green, quilted, glossy, wavy/red back. Large
Kentucky Bride (D. Rollins) Single white large pansy/pink blush. Medium green, serrated girl foliage. Standard (DAVS 1601)
King of Diamonds (10864) 09/27/2016 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble white pansy/fuchsia-pink eye. Medium-dark green, quilted, glossy.
King of Spades (K. Stork) Single-semidouble white pansy/purple-blue eye. Medium-dark green
Kosmicheskaia Legenda-2 (9499) 12/05/2005 (E. Arkhipov) Single-semidouble bright purple star/hot coral and variable white fantasy. Medium green, pointed.(Russ/Ukr)
Kostina Fantaziia (10081)(K. Morev) Single-semidouble pink-lilac large wavy star/dark lilac fantasy, white edge. Dark green, ovate.(Russ/Ukr)
Lady Baltimore (4337) 03/18/1981 (I. Fredette) Semidouble blue. Variegated. Large
Lela Marie (5668) 02/07/1984 (I. Lineberg) Double light pink frilled. Variegated, pointed, ruffled. Standard (DAVS 696)
Lemon Kisses(S. Sorano) Semidouble-double white large star/variable yellow veins, blush. Medium green, ovate.
LE-Giselle (Zshizel) Lebetskaya Large semidouble to double white with blue. Medium green foliage.
LE-Ivetta (11022) 05/24/2018 (E. Lebetskaia) Double white large star/frilled green edge. Variegated med green and white, hairy. (Russ/Ukr)
LE-Karusel' (11024) 05/24/2018 (E. L) Single white large ruffled star/red patches. Variegated medium green and white, serrated.(Russ/Ukr)
LE-Ognennyi Tsvetok Fire Flower (11042)(E. Lebetskaia) Semidouble-double dark red large ruffled star. Medium green, plain.Russ/Ukr)
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (10271) 02/01/2010 (E. Lebetskaia) Semidouble dark blue wavy large pansy/green-white edge. Medium green,  plain, ovate. (Russ/Ukr)
LE-Sestra Korolevy Queen's Sister(11048) 05/24/2018 Double rose large star/green ruffled edge. Dark green, wavy. (Russ/Ukr)
LE-Zelenaia Roza (11058) 05/24/2018  Double white and pink large star/green frilled edge. Light-medium green, ruffled. (Russ/Ukr)
LiK-Vel'mozha Nobleman(10100) 08/07/2009 (G. Lazarenko) Double dark blue-violet large wavy star/white eye, edge. Light green, round,
            quilted. (Russ/Ukr)
Lilliana (10895) 05/13/2017 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Double coral-pink frilled star/wide white edge. Dark green/red back.
Louisiana Lullaby (9935) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Semidouble-double lavender large frilled star/purple markings on top petals, lighter edge, variable green edge on top petals. Medium green, ovate, quilted, serrated.
Maverick's Faded Jeans
Semidouble light blue pansy/darker top petals, green frilled edge. Med green, pointed, serrated.(TX)
Miss Lily (9536)12/17/2005(LLG/P. Sorano) Single white sticktite frilled star/salmon-pink patches. Med green, plain, quilted, serrated. Large
Montgomery Silver Frost(7051)(Eyerdom)Semidouble pink/variable red fantasy, white frilled edge. Medium green, plain, glossy. (DAVS 1159)
My Fair Lady (3782) 10/31/1979 (Eyerdom) Semidouble light-medium coral-pink ruffled. Girl foliage.
Ness' Midnight Fantasy (7646) 11/26/1991 (D. Ness) Semidouble light pink large star/blue fantasy. Dark green, pointed, quilted/red back.
Nortex's Snowkist Haven (6046) 09/12/1985 (Nortex/B. Johnson) Single white frilled star. Medium green, pointed, quilted, hairy. (TX Hyb)
Picotee Petticoat (6994) 11/10/1988 (Dottie Wilson) Single-semidouble mauve two-tone, ruffled. Variegated dark green and pink, quilted,
            ruffled. Large (DAVS 1154, TX Hyb)
Pink Feathers (S. Sorano) Semidouble medium pink frilled star/darker fantasy. Variegated dark green, pink and tan, serrated.
Pretty 'n Pink (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single-semidouble pink star/darker streaks and fantasy. Medium green, plain, quilted. Standard
Psychedelic Rose (10598) 03/08/2013 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon G) Double pink frilled pansy/blue fantasy. Medium green, quilted, serrated.
Queen of Clubs (10866) 09/27/2016 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble white pansy/reddish-plum eye. Medium green, glossy.
Rainbow's Quiet Riot (R. Wasmund) Semidouble blue-purple large star/white fantasy. Dark green, round, scalloped.
Redoubled (K. Stork) Double burgundy-wine frilled pansy/variable white tips. Medium-dark green. Large
Rodeo Clown (J. Munk) Purple/light pink fantasy. Dark green, plain. (TX Hyb)
Rodeo Country (8006) 10/16/1993 (J. Munk) Semidouble-double medium blue. Dark green, serrated/red back. Large (DAVS 1383, TX Hyb)
Rodeo Hillbilly (9243) 06/26/2003 (L. Munk/J. M Semidouble dark purple frilled pansy. Dark green, plain. Standard (DAVS 1479, TX Hyb)
Rodeo Polka (9249) 06/26/2003 (L. Munk/J. Munk) Semidouble lavender frilled star. Medium green, plain. (DAVS 1543, TX Hyb)
Rodeo Stardust (J. Munk) Semidouble bright pink frilled star/darker eye. Medium green, plain. (TX Hyb)
RS-Marsela (Repkina) Frilly semidouble light blue and lavender.  Medium green froiage.
Starry Night Blue (9198)(LLG/Sorano) Semidouble-double plum frilled star/thin blue band, white edge. Dark green, quilted/red back.
  • Tequila Rose (10927) 08/30/2017 (P. Sorano/LLG) Single-semidouble rose-pink two-tone pansy/raspberry frilled edge. Medium green, quilted.
  • Treasure Chest (10250) 01/27/2010 (P. Sorano/LLG) Double lavender-pink frilled pansy/purple fantasy. Dark green, quilted/red back.
  • Twinkle Twirl (10685) 03/19/2014 (P.Sorano/LLG) Semidouble-double two-tone pink frilled pansy/mauve blush, blue fantasy, light pink edge. Dark green, quilted.
    Unsung Heroes (10896) 05/13/2017 (P. Sorano/Lyndon L G.) Semidouble red frilled pansy/thin white edge. Dark green, quilted/red back.
    Up in Flames (K. Stork) Single-semidouble dark red pansy/purple tinge. Medium green, pointed.
    Wendy's Purple Toad (Delorme-Knappe) Large purple doubles with ruffled green edge. Large dark ovated quilted foliage.
    White Madonna
    (Baker) White star. Dark green.
    White Queen Russian
    Willodene (10010) 10/18/2008 (M. Lineberg/I. Lineberg) Double light peach-pink two-tone/darker ruffled edge, variable green tips. Variegated dark green, white and pink, wavy. Large
    Wizard's Blue Stones (9732) 03/26/2007 (S. Jones) Single-semidouble lavender ruffled wasp. Medium green, heart-shaped, glossy, serrated/bustle back. Large
    Wrangler's Bryan's Song (4670) 12/10/1981 (W. Smith) Double red frilled. Variegated, plain. (DAVS 514, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Burning Hills (W. Smith) Semidouble mauve two-tone. Variegated green, pink, and cream.  (TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Cowboy Blues (6220) (W. Smith) Double blue. Variegated medium green and cream, plain. Large (DAVS 1123, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Gambling Fever (6387) Semidouble fuchsia pansy. Variegated dark green and pink, plain, quilted, serrated. (TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Ghost Riders (W. Smith)Single light pink pansy/darker-dotted top petals. Vari dark green and pink, plain. (DAVS 855, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's High Sierras (W. Smith) Double lavender/silver frilled edge. Variegated green and white. (TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Honkytonk Blues (W. Smith) Double light lavender-blue. Variegated medium green and white. Standard (TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Jealous Heart (6225) Double pansy, ruffled/light pink and green edge. Variegated dark green and pink, ruffled, hairy. Large (DAVS 854, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Pink Patches (6230) Double light pink pansy/darker center. Variegated dark green and dark pink, pointed. Large (DAVS 858, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Purple Moon (4487) 06/29/1981 (W. Smith) Double purple. Variegated, quilted. Large (DAVS 505, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Savage Love Semidouble lavender star/darker frilled edge. Vari dark green, pink, and white, heart-shaped, quilted.(TX Hyb)Wrangler's Spanish Cavalier (6235) 05/20/1986 Semidouble bright red-violet pansy/white-green edge. Variegated, longifolia, glossy. Large
                (DAVS 1137, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Stampede (6236) 05/20/1986 (W. Smith) Semidouble pink ruffled star/darker center. Variegated, pointed, quilted, wavy. Large
                (DAVS 863, TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Winter Holiday (W. Smith) Single white. Variegated green and white. (TX Hyb)
    Wrangler's Wells Fargo (W. Smith) Double purple fringed/darker edge. Variegated green, pink and white, ovate, ruffled. Large (DAVS 519,
                TX Hyb)

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